Criterios para la eleccion correcta de un curso a distancia


If you are considering studying at a distance, it is important that you take a number of issues into account in order to choose a course that meets your expectations regarding both quality and intensity. Here are some issues to be considered.

-. The Institution: verify that the institution effectively exists and it is not just a webpage. Private institutions incorporated to the official system in Argentina should have an identification (usually a letter and a number, A-1301, for instance.) Ideally, the institution should have a mix of experience and innovation. Ask for references from teachers and students who are currently taking or have taken studies in that institution – they are usually the best source of information.

-. The Tutors: check that there is a knowledgeable faculty in charge of the subjects. If you are interested in a course of studies, check that there is a tutor of the course as well, as this role is essential to guiding you in your first steps in studying at a distance and organizing yourself as an autonomous learner.

-. The Environment: the virtual learning environment should be easy and friendly to access and to go around. The areas should be clearly identified and materials and communication channels should be at hand. If you need a long time to learn how to move around in your virtual classroom, you will loose valuable time to study.

-. The Material: a good course includes material of several types – audio files, video files, interactive exercises, pictures and standard plain texts to suit all learning styles. They should also be available in formats and sizes that are appropriate for easy downloading and on-line viewing.

.- Your time availability: studying at a distance gives you the flexibility of choosing the place and time to study. However, a good distance course will probably take as much effort and study time as its traditional equivalent. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to study, so as to take full advantage of the course of studies you’re doing, and mistrust courses that tell you that they’ll be easier or less demanding because they’re at a distance.

Instituto Privado Incorporado a la Enseñanza Oficial “Cultural Inglesa de Buenos Aires” A-1301 is renowned for its quality in both traditional and distance courses, with more than 30 year in the market as an Institute specialized in the teaching of English and ten years as a teaching training college. It offers both official courses of studies and short courses certified by Cultural Inglesa de Buenos Aires.

Official courses of Studies (at a distance):

–          Profesorado de Inglés

–          Traductorado Literario y Técnico-Científico en Idioma Inglés

–          Postítulo para docentes graduados: “Especialización Superior en Enseñanza de Inglés con Nuevos Recursos Tecnológicos”

–          Postítulo para traductores graduados: “Especialización Técnica en Traducción Audiovisual”

Short courses

-. Inglés Básico para Turismo

-. Cursos de Lectocomprensión en Idioma Inglés – Niveles I-II-III

-. First Certificate On-line Intensive Training Programme

-. Cambridge Advance On-line Intensive Training Programme

-. Curso de Introducción a la Semiología y a la Semiótica

-. Escritura por Proceso (Process Writing)

-. Curso de Perfeccionamiento en Lengua Inglesa (Válido como Curso de ingreso a las Carrears Terciarias Ociciales)

-. Curso Intermedio en Lengua Inglesa

-. Successful Pronunciation Tasks in the ELT Classroom (for Teachers!)
Intensive Courses

– 6 Levels of English (from initial to Advanced)

– Intensive Courses to prepare de FCE, CAE and CPE exams.
-. German for beginners

For more information about our institution, other online courses (5-month courses) and our courses of studies, please visit us at or Viamonte 1471 – CABA

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